Dog Grooming Services Leighton Buzzard

Dog Grooming Services at Leighton K9 Grooming

The Leighton K9 Grooming Process

Whenever we groom your dog we always follow the same process.

It's a process we have perfected over 23 years of dog grooming.

Leighton K9 Dog Grooming Assessment

Firstly we start with an assessment of your dog’s coat. This is where we are able to tell you if we will need extra time beyond the 1 hours 30 minutes that a dog grooming normally takes.  
Severely knotted dogs may take longer so unless the coat is totally stripped off, this will normally incur an additional charge.
We will explain this to you as soon as we assess your dog so there are no surprises. Extra time is only needed in rare cases where the dogs coat is extremely matted.
This is also the time where if you are not sure of the cut you want you dog to receive then we can show you the various styles appropriate to your particular breed of dog. This is the time to discuss how you want your dogs ears, nails and even eyebrows and eyelashes cut. 
As always this is your choice we do not impose our style on your dog. We will however offer advice and suggest the most appropriate cut for you and your dogs lifestyle. 
Long feathers on a cocker that has long daily walks in the wet woods are probably not going to suit either the dog or the owner.
This is also where we evaluate if you need to stay with your dog.
This again is rare but we want to ensure hat your dog is not distressed.
Most dogs are very happy to be left and thoroughly enjoy the K9 Grooming process.
However if your dog is very old or extremely nervous we do advise you to stay
for a while until they settle. In extreme cases you may be invited to stay throughout.  
Most owners are happy to leave their dogs immediately and most dogs are happy knowing that they will soon be getting a huge caring dose of special, dedicated, close attention which most dogs crave.

Initial Clip and Brush Out

This is where, once your dog is settled we perform a "rough” clip and "brush out" in preparation for the next stage bathing your dog.

This is great preparation to ensure your dog can be washed and dried in good time. Care is taken to clip just the right amount off at this stage. Too little and you end up washing more dog than you need to and drying is prolonged. Too much may spoil the overall look at the end.

Just the right amount and you can get much closer to the dog's skin with the shampoo and water. Brushing out before bathing will remove most of the loose hair before bathing. We pay particular attention to this stage so you get a cleaner dog to take home.


Bathing and Thorough Brush Out

At Leighton K9 Grooming you have a choice of shampoos we can use on your dog. K9 normally uses a shampoo specially selected and shipped in from the USA. This shampoo delivers excellent results.

Alternatively treatment shampoos can be used at your choice e.g. K9 can recommend a flea controlling one. Whichever one you choose we take care to ensure that your dog is thoroughly rinsed to prevent skin irritations. After the thorough brush out your dog is over half way through being groomed


Drying, Final Clip and Scissoring

Depending on the breed and if it is molting, drying could involve K9's high velocity blaster or a more sedate hand held drier, then it is on to the final clip and fine scissor work that ensures you get the cut you selected in the assessment stage.

Your Dog is Ready for Collection

Leighton K9 Grooming always ensures that although there may be more than one dog being groomed at any one time they never meet. Unless of course they are brought in together.

Wide Range of Designer Canine Perfumes

You can now chose the fragrance that you wish your dog to have. Leighton K9 Grooming stock a wide range of  canine friendly "designer" perfumes. 
K9 Dog Grooming Points to Note
It is so important that you are on time for your appointment. This will mean that your dog's grooming will run smoothly and will not disrupt subsequent ones.
Most dog grooming sessions are normally one and a half hours, if  yours will take longer we will inform you during the assessment stage. Leighton K9 Grooming specialises in the grooming of small to medium dog breeds.